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What is Versapong?

Versapong is a lightweight, portable, convenient way to play beer pong. Each set includes two racks - with ten cup holes each - sturdy tripod stands designed to get knocked around a bit, and two cup holders to stack cups or a spare drink. Our Versapong beer pong tables break down in a few easy steps to fit into a travel backpack so you can take the game with you.

We designed our tables after years of "practice" playing beer pong on clumsy tables and strange basements, with the hopes we could make it easier to play in a dorm, at a tailgate, on the beach, on vacation, or just about anywhere else you could think of.

How We Got Started

A message from the creator of Versapong...

Versapong beer pong tables were born out of my passion for the game of beer pong and all that comes with it.


Back in 2001, (my first big game) I found myself not only intrigued by beer pong itself, but by the custom tables it was played on. Through the years I've built and played on a number of tables, from my first creation (an automated table that suspended from the ceiling) to some of my more recent tables and tailgating trailers. I've always aimed to put new, innovative and value-adding twists on to the beer pong tables I create.

While many of my custom tables had all the bells and whistles - tvs, tap systems, refrigeration, surround sound, and even running water - I decided I needed to create something that could make beer pong a little easier to take on the road.

That’s when the magic happened. I eliminated the boundaries of a “table” and kept only what was necessary; the racks that hold the beer. Using tripods to support the racks, I created a beer pong table that was functional, visually appealing and compact enough for the smallest of dorm rooms. Thanks to years of hard work and the efforts of many dedicated friends and family members, Versapong beer pong tables are here.

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