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10 Realistic Resolutions for 2019

November 30, 2018


As we’re sure you can relate, most years we try and fail at keeping our New Years Resolutions. So, this year, we’re hoping to make some that will stick.

Finger’s crossed! Here’s our list of 10 Realistic Resolutions for 2019:

  1. Stay up late.
    Studies show that people who stay up later are generally smarter. Plus it gives you more time to play beer sports and eat pizza.

  2. Binge watch Netflix.
    Hey, you work hard. You deserve a little R&R. Even better? Binge watching TV shows is good for your relationship.

  3. Eat more cheese.
    Avoid doing drugs because of all the terrible risks and the whole “illegality” thing? Well things are looking up this year. Turns out cheese is essentially the same as crack. Except for, you know, the fact that it makes everything better. Just say no to drugs. Say yes to cheese.

  4. Actually make one of those Tasty recipes.
    Your girlfriend is really annoyed that you tag her in all of them. Treat yo self. Mix one up. (Preferably one cheese-based, re: above)

  5. Drink wine.
    Who needs to waste away at the gym when drinking a glass of red is the same as an hour on the treadmill? Comin’ atcha 2017.

  6. Play more drinking games.
    There are a number of benefits. From hand-eye coordination to increased happiness from social interaction, drinking games will improve your life this year. Trust us.

  7. Take naps.
    COULD THIS LIST GET ANY BETTER? This study says taking naps can help you get smarter and skinnier.

  8. Drink more coffee.
    Not only will it help you pass your finals, ace that big presentation, or get your SWOL on at the gym, turns out, drinking coffee is good for your heart, too. (Is it PSL season yet!?)

  9. Get your cuddle on.
    A perfect compliment to your Netflix habit, snuggling up to your partner–or even your pet–will pretty much change your life. Get sick less AND reduce stress? I’m in.

  10. Be positive.
    This study found that being an optimist basically keeps you alive longer, especially for the ladies. So next time you literally can’t even, try and can a bit more.

We’re hoping the fact that each of these requires approximately zero effort will help us stick to it this year. To be honest, we’ll probably just end up going to the bar. The good news? They’ve got cheese and wine there. Already two checked right off the list! 2017 is looking better already. See you in the new year.

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