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Versapong Beer Pong Tables are Now Available in Canada

April 6, 2017



Canadian beer pong enthusiasts, the wait is over… Versapong is now available on Amazon.

That’s right, the new, lightweight, portable beer pong table of your dreams has finally made it to Canada.


Ever since we met countless Canadian spring breakers on our Versapong Spring Break tour in 2016, we have made it our mission to find a way to ship our one-of-a-kind beer pong sets all the way to Canada. Finally in April, 2017 the wait is over.


With a little help from Amazon, our friends in America’s Hat can have Versapong sets shipped to anywhere in Canada for $107.95. Get yours online here. You could even have your Versapong Beer Pong table in two short days with Amazon’s free two-day shipping.

Looking for more information about Versapong Portable Beer Pong Tables?


Versapong is a new lightweight, portable, convenient way to play the game of Beer Pong. Each durable Versapong features two racks, water-cup holders, sturdy tri-pod base and convenient travel case. Take it inside, outside, or on a boat, Versapong is waterproof, partyproof, and ready for anything.


Even better? The set is lightweight, weighing only 7lbs, about one third the weight of your average pong table. Fully assembled, the cups sit at a regulation height of 27.5 inches, and when placed 8ft apart, are at regulation length. Plus, it only takes up about 10% of the space of your average beer pong table.


Wondering how to do a bounce shot? You can use any surface around to up your trick shot game (and make it harder for people to swat). Going to the beach? Throw a cooler in the middle and bounce off of that. How about your favorite sporting event? Use a chair. In a cramped dorm room? Use your desk. Get creative.


For more info and ways you can use your Versapong beer pong table, check out the rest of our website.

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